Tobacco Learning Collaborative (TLC)

2020 Highlights

PRIME Provider Collaborative

  • ​Santa Clara Valley Medical Center 

    • Adopted in-person tobacco cessation services to telehealth/video platform and work with their patients and provided support for patients to quit tobacco. 

    • Re-ignite their Tobacco-Free Coalition group with a robust first meeting where experts share ideas on “Opportunities to Address Tobacco Use in the time of COVID-19 in Health Service Settings.” 


  • Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare

    • Implemented the California Smokers’ Helpline’s (CSH) referral platform at her health systems, along with a revised workflow so providers can effortlessly refer their patients to CSH to receive cessation counseling

    • Finalizing a Smoke/Tobacco-Free campus policy.

Affinity Provider Collaborative

  • LifeLong Medical Care - Improving their electronic health record (OCHIN Epic) e-referral process to the California Smokers’ Helpline by reducing the number of steps and allowing non-provider staff members to submit e-referrals.

  • Vista Community Clinics - Engaging providers and community in promoting tobacco prevention and treatment services. VCC’s provider engagement has increased staff morale, increased referrals for tobacco treatment and partnered with other programs to address the needs of their community.

  • Worksite Wellness Los Angeles* - Working with clinics in the LA County to adopt and implement smoke/tobacco-free workplace policies and providing training and support to employees to integrate referrals to the California Smokers’ Helpline.

*Safety net health care delivery systems: PRIME hospitals, FQHC, Community Health Centers, Tribal clinics, VA, MCAH, FPACT and Family Planning Clinics

Medi-Cal Managed Care Workgroup 2020 Highlights

  • Alameda Alliance for Health 

    • Promotes local Tobacco Treatment Program’s brief intervention and tobacco treatment specialist trainings, provides resources about tobacco, vaping, and COVID-19 to providers through e-mail and quarterly packet; working on developing a tobacco cessation toolkit for providers.

  • CenCal Health Plan

    • Created a vaping education PSA​.

    • Developing a Provider Tobacco/Vaping Cessation Training Manual.

  • Contra Costa Health Plan

    • Plan to develop or promote a provider tobacco/vaping cessation toolkit, that healthcare providers can share with their patients.

  • Gold Coast Health Plan

    • ​Collaborated with Pharmacy Department to identify members who received NRT products and made outreach calls to members and refer them to smoking cessation classes.

    • Created a quit smoking and vaping flyer in English and Spanish for members.

    • Published information about quit smoking and the CA Helpline in provider operations bulletin and member newsletter.

    • Posted flyer and other quit smoking resources on the GCHP website.

  • Health Net

    • ​Developing a Smoker Registry to share with the California Smokers’ Helpline, who can proactively call out to identified plan members who smoke/vape to offer cessation services and provide NRT directly to members through Helpline fulfillment services.

    • Business Associate Agreement signed with Helpline to share data/provide NRT.

  • Health Plan of San Mateo

    • ​Member outreach for youth vaping, maternal health (second-hand smoke effects on maternal health), and COVID-19 and smoking.

  • Health Plan of San Joaquin

    • ​Innovative pilot project in San Joaquin County working with local community pharmacies to provide NRT to plan members​.

  • Inland Empire Health Plan

    • ​Working with the California Smokers’ Helpline to develop a unique link that members can be promoted on IEHPs member portal and through social media platform, linking members to cessation services from the Helpline.

  • Kern Health System

    • ​ACS Fresh Start Spanish Translation of Facilitator Guide; this pilot will utilize the Fresh Start cessation program to provide in language cessation to Latin-X community.

  • LA Care

    • ​Developing a Smokers Registry with California Smokers’ Helpline and working on connecting patients to Ralph’s Pharmacies in LA County for NRT fulfillment.

    • Working on finalizing a Business Associate Agreement with the Helpline to share data.

  • Molina

    • ​Member mailing Quarter 4 2020; Quit for COVID messaging & free NRT offer targeting 38,000 of their members who smoke or vape that were identified by ICD 10 Codes.

  • United Health Care

    • ​Providing member education on cessation services for smoking, vaping, and COVID-19 and smoking/lung health.

Local Lead Agency 2020 Highlights

​CA Quits hosts a quarterly workgroup for Local Health Department Tobacco Control Programs (LLAs). 17 of the 58 LLAs across the state participate in this workgroup (Contra Costa, El Dorado, Kern, Los Angeles, Marin County, Mendocino, Mono, Nevada, Orange , Sacramento, San Diego ,San Joaquin, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, Tulare). Over the past year, this group has worked to promote tobacco/vaping cessation in some of the following ways:​


  • Statewide promotion of TRDRP Free NRT offer Spring 2020. To date over 8,400 free NRT patches have been sent to callers who accessed cessation counseling services through the California Smokers’ Helpline (April through December 2020).

  • CA Quits provided tailored resources for priority population partners (Rural, Asian, Latin-X, LGBTQ).

  • Solano County June 2020

    • 4000 Helpline Vaping Cessation Flyers distributed to community during Covid 19 Mask Give Away Event.

  • Local Tobacco Control Programs connected with other county programs to share tobacco resources

    • Oral Health, Black Infant Health, Comprehensive Perinatal Programs, and other MCAH program.

    • CDE TUPE Programs – all 58 County TUPE Contractors received a supply of English/Spanish Tobacco Free Kids Juul Flyer via CA Quits mailing February 2020.

    • Connections with other county partners statewide (NEOP) to provide free First Five NRT offer postcards to distribute at local food banks, and drive through flu clinics Fall 2020.

  • Presentations and webinars on Tobacco Cessation, Lung Health & COVID-19

    • Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Los Angeles.

    • Coordinated cessation efforts with Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans.

  • California Department of Public Health Partnerships

    • CA Maternal Health Quality Collaborative (CMQCC).

      • Working to provide resources for tobacco cessation and information on connecting to Helpline.

      • Hospital Based Maternity Care Facilities Statewide (OB).

      • Cessation for Cardiovascular Health.

    • Statewide WIC Programs.

  • Local County First 5 Programs

    • Helpline/CA Quits providing tobacco cessation information to Local County First 5 contractors.

  • 2021 Communities of Excellence

    • Planning is underway for a virtual CX training in each county- begins January 2021.

    • LLAs selecting new Community of Excellence Indicators (2021).

    • 44 counties currently have one or more tobacco cessation indicators.

    • CA Quits can provide technical support to LLAs to support the CTCP Communities of Excellence (CX) process.

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