CA Quits

The CA Quits project is a 5-year statewide initiative to advance tobacco cessation treatment in a minimum of 30 safety net health care delivery systems. The project goals will be achieved by engaging in collaborative efforts and building capacity with three health care sectors:

  • Safety Net Providers

  • Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans

  • Local Lead Agencies

CA Quits uses statewide “learning collaboratives”: which is guided virtual sessions with sector participants to develop and implement best practices for addressing smoking/tobacco use among patient populations. This includes strategies for in clinical settings to assess, counsel, and connect patients who smoke to cessation services such as the California Smokers Helpline. This effort relies on Medi-Cal managed care plans to provide benefits coverage for smoking cessation medications and counseling services. It also relies on county public health departments and their tobacco program/coalition to participate in building linkage to and promoting community based cessation counseling and support.

The CA Quits project team provides the three target sector participants with the following:

  • Technical assistance

  • Training

  • Continuous and consistent communication

  • Material resources (digital and print)

  • Connections to tobacco treatment/cessation resources

  • Project analytics: from publicly available data and data derived from project activities

  • Tobacco metrics quality improvement strategies

"Learn more about how the CA Quits project developed in this article published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine."

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